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Professorship Of Adamu Abubakar Gwarzo: Reality of a Young Achiever

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One fundamental feature of a professorial chair world over is that it is an academic title that is conferred on individuals who have distinguished themselves in their chosen fields of study. The position is awarded to people in recognition of their significant contribution to scholarship, research and development of humankind.

2. Although, professorship is awarded by reputable universities to deserving scholars, in most cases the process does not require paper and pencil examination or cognitive and psychomotor assessment of the awardee like in the case of doctoral degree. It is rather an awardable position than an honorary title.

3. Whereas, many awarding institutions consider terminal degree (Ph. D.) as a precondition, in other universities even with Masters’ degree, professorial chair can be conferred on persons provided such individuals have distinguished themselves in their areas of academic pursuits.

4. Against this threshold, the common knowledge of laymen about professorial chair revolves around the fact that professorship should be awarded to old academic fellows who confine themselves to the classroom and spend the whole of their life in teaching and researching; a common practice in the Nigerian university system.

5. Alas! The trend in the contemporary process of attainment of professorial title has taken a more scientifically transparent and dynamic dimension that allows for youngsters to occupy the chair. Today, it is no longer news that young academics at 25 years or less are occupying the position in many universities in Africa, Asia, America and Europe.

6. Professor A.A. Gwarzo is one of such icons whose achievement has become a source of envy and subject of attack by unfaithful critics. Most of his adversaries fail to realize that the title was awarded to him on merit and from a reputable university in a foreign country.

7. Contrary to the irrational assumption of the critics, Adamu Abubakar Gwarzo like any other professor passed through the ranks and was found suitable for the position.

8. It is worthy to note that universities across the globe vary in their criteria for conferment of professorship. Whereas, some institutions emphasize on academic growth and development of the awardee, others place more values on candidates’ impacts on human capital development. In neither case, Professor Abubakar Gwarzo was never found to be deficient in the criteria.

9. As a holder of several Masters and Ph. D. degrees in the areas of linguistics and journalism, publication in reputable journals as well as highly rated academic awards he earned from UNESCO, European universities, American universities, Latin American universities, African and Asian universities to mention a few, Professor Adamu Abubakar Gwarzo is no doubt a model of emulation.

10. Among the yardsticks for assessing the productivity of professor is contribution of awardee to scholarship and human development. Professor Adamu Gwarzo has distinguished himself in this area. Unlike many professors who abandon teaching and researching for politics and governance, A.A. Gwarzo had chosen to majorly remain within the education paradigm.

11. His impacts in tertiary education subsector are apparent and have been acknowledged not only in Nigeria, but in other parts of the world. Professor Gwarzo’s passion for youth empowerment cannot be overemphasized. His empowerment projects are products of scholarly researches embarked upon by the foundation he chairs, hence can be considered as community services expected of seasoned academics.

12 As a young professor, Adamu A. G. is a source of inspiration and mentor to many youngsters as he does not only admonishes youths on the need to study, but provide access to quality education at all levels via full scholarship irrespective of their tribes, religions, regions, sexes and colours. Upon graduation from their courses’ of study, Professor Adamu also assist youth in searching for jobs.

13 To those who care to know more about the pedigree of his profile, Adamu Abubakar is a professor of linguistics with bias in French. His reputation has earned him international recognition and popularity among universities in French speaking nations in Africa and Europe where he serves as a visiting professor of linguistics and journalism.

14 So therefore, in order to ‘leave a lasting legacy and become a successful philanthropist’ as aspired by the critic, it is important that a careful study on ‘Professor Adamu Abubakar Gwarzo’ be conducted with a view of coming up with a document that would serve as a reference point for mentoring and empowerment of youngsters.

15 Although, the critic is claiming to make enquiries about the legitimacy of professorship of A.A. Gwarzo, the body language does not sound like an inquisitive scholar, rather it is more of a booth leaking errand boy who is out to achieve a mischievous motive.

16 Note that Professor A.A. Gwarzo is a pragmatic scholar, a reliable mentor, a scholarship lover and a philanthropist who has passion for youth empowerment and above all, a God fearing and peace loving fellow.

Long Live Professor Adamu Abubakar Gwarzo
God bless you
A S. Haruna

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