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Reflect On Self And Learn From Others: Rev Pam Charge

by Tognaan Bawa
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By Tongnaan Dada Bawa, Jos

The staff of the Nigeria Christian Pilgrim Commission, NCPC, have been charged to reflect on self and learn from each another while perform their duties.

The charge was made by the Executive Secretary of the Commission, Rev. Dr. Yakubu Pam, in his opening speech at the 2021 General Staff Retreat holding at the Guest House, Living Faith Church (Goshen City) Auta Balefi, Nasarawa State.

In a statement signed by Special Assistant to the Executive Secretary, Ayuba Pam disclosed that the four days retreat started on Thursday, 4th to end on Sunday, 8th, 2021 with the theme: “Creating Performance for Enhanced Pilgrimage” is aimed at preparing staff of the Commission on areas of enhanced staff welfare; airlifting of pilgrims in covid19 era; managing pre-pilgrimage processes; overview of e-Governance in Nigeria and it’s expected outcome of implementation and the sensitization and mobilization of stakeholders for effective pilgrimage among other topics.

Rev Pam who took his scripture reading from the new testament in the book of John 17: 5 charged staff to make use of their time by doing their assignment and not to malign outside of their duty posts for optimal performance.

He emphasized that staff of the Commission must ensure they curb laziness and imbibe the spirit of hard work as an index for result-oriented.

He said “two things bound to be faced by the staff are living their purpose and achieving their duties”, which he said must at the end “give glory to God”.

He said “discipline amongst staff is responsible for good performance” decrying a situation where staff will indulge in inappropriate work ethics by becoming indisciplined thereby denigrating the commission.

He insisted if the Commission must succeed in her mandate they needed to Put in their best and must show elements of faithfulness and be ready to learn from each other.

“Accomplishing a successful task is seen in the faithfulness of the staff and how committed they are by how they live and not dependant on people outside of the commission.

“You must concentrate on your duty post and stop loitering around. This breeds gossip and unproductive results in the workplace”. He echoed!

According to him discipline is all about performance and said staff must prove themselves in that respect. According to him, “Indiscipline breeds laziness and no performance”. Said “what destroys the spirit of performance is corruption as it usually sees people fight over little things”.

He said if God is not glorified in you, then shame will. Shame is performed by the individual and members of his family.

He said ” the opposite of glory is shame” but said “glory comes out of shame” saying we learn from the ugly situation which is meant to teach us different lessons of life by God.

He said the retreat will be focusing on job performance and other issues to boost the performance of the staff.

According to the NCPC boss, “if any fails to perform will affect the general system” urging them to “concentrate in their various offices” noting “NCPC is not about the office of the ES but every office”.

He further stressed the need for “all staff must be able to live to their billing and must be disciplined and learn from others”.

He equally decried lack of respect as one of the encumbrances to good performance. He said men who know God are moved by what God says and not by what people say stressing “when you have no respect you turn the office to be like toilet and dustbin dumping rubbish”. The best way to deal with such behavior according to him “is to stay away from them”.

He said the ability to succeed is for the present crop of leaders in the Commission must be ready to train the younger generation by “raising future leaders” rather than fear a situation where they will take over from them if they should be trained”.

He further charged them on the need to change “our approach and how to move the commission forward and not rely on old stuff”.

He said “staff retreat is necessary as it prepares the staff of the commission ahead of pilgrimage urging staff to make NCPC a family instead of taking it a “battleground of gangs and groups’.

He said, “We must reflect who we are”.

“Reflect who you are and not on people outside where they will give you nothing. Do what you can do so you can say like Jesus, Father, I have finished my work, glorify yourself”.

According to him the commission made history in Jordan by airlifting over 2000 and also all returned safely.

He said after the retreat, there will be staff training which is basic to workers. He expressed delight with those who are hard working and also performing creditably at their various duty posts.

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