UNICEF: Behavior change key to achieving social development

The United Nation’s Children Fund (UNICEF) Chief field Officer in Kano,  Maulid Warfa has said that behaviour change is a key to achieving progress towards human, social development, Whether in health, nutrition, water, sanitation and hygiene.

Warfa stated this on Tuesday at a two day Forum on social and Behavior Change Communication for Stakeholders in Kano.

According to him, change is a key to achieving the desired results on the aforementioned, adding that behaviour change is not only a recurring decimal but also a rallying point around which many sectors can converge.

“With this in mind, a social and behavior change communication forum is proposed to discuss the current approaches to community mobilization, social and behavior change communication by the various sectors that UNICEF Kano Field Office is supporting.And how to harmonise the various approaches for optimal results for the Nigeria child.

“Since social norms undergird human behavior in society, the forum will also look at prevalent social norms in the states under the Kano Field Office and proffer suggestions on how to address them,” Warfa said

He added that the proposed stakeholders will bring together key social and behavior change communication stakeholders from each of the sectors that UNICEF is currently supporting in Kano Field Office.

Warfa added that it is proposed that each sector should nominate five persons to represent key partners implementing social and behavior change communication activities.

“One of such persons will be expected to share a 10- minute presentation on their current strategies for community mobilization, lessons learnt, challenges encountered, and those challenges have been addressed.

And possible areas of collaboration with other sectors. It is proposed that out of the five persons to be nominated by each sector, at least two should come from each of the states the Field Office is currently supporting.

In addition to these five, at least one Programme Manager, Specialist, Officer from each of UNICEF’s sections is expected to participate and support in synthesizing ideas for convergence and integration”, he sqid.

The field officer added that the general objective of the forum was to share experience on how the various sectors are approaching social and behavior change communication with a view to synthesizing, harmonizing  and delivering as one in various communities.

According to him, “at the end of the forum, UNICEF is expecting the adoption of a convergent approach to social and behavior change communication across the sectors.

“Clearer understanding of social and behavior change communication principles and guidelines as well as the social norms that undergird them,” he averred

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