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May 18, 2024

75% gender-based violence survivors aware of partners’ abusive behaviour before marriage – Lagos Govt

The Lagos State Government, through its Domestic and Sexual Violence Agency, has revealed that 75 per cent of gender-based violence survivors have prior knowledge of their partner’s abusive behaviour before marriage.

Mrs. Titilola Vivour-Adeniyi, Executive Secretary of the Lagos State Domestic and Sexual Violence Agency (DVSA), said this during an engagement with the Association of Professional Wedding Engagement Coordinators of Nigeria, Lagos State.

She said despite being aware of their partner’s abusive behavior, some survivors still choose to marry such individuals.

According to her, while DSVA ensures that survivors of domestic and sexual violence get the necessary and available support and services needed, preventive measures remain the most efficient way of addressing sexual and gender-based violence issues.

She said engaging with members of APWECON on their role in preventing the menace of domestic and sexual violence in the state is one of the measures for preventing such abuses.

Vivour-Adeniyi revealed that the agency was embarking on sustainable and proactive programmes in the fight against the menace of SGBV and will engage APWECON during one of the programmes.

The executive secretary said statistics had shown that marriage contracted under customary law and traditional practice were the preferred forms of solemnisation.

“Statistics from our agency reveal that over 75 per cent of clients reporting matrimonial abuses had prior knowledge of the abusive behaviour of their partners but proceeded with the union for various reasons.

“Also, 70 per cent of these survivors submit to customary law and marriage. We intend to infuse advocacy around domestic violence into existing traditional marriage ceremonies conducted by Alagas in Lagos State, so it will have far-reaching effects.

“This has birthed this programme, ”Idile Alayo”, which amongst other things keeps many abreast of the growing trend of Sexual and Gender-Based Violence issues in Lagos State.

”We use this medium to implore you to use your influence in the course of officiating traditional unions to advocate against domestic violence and preach the Zero tolerance message. Together, we can salvage our state from this destructive menace,” Vivour-Adeniyi said.

In her goodwill message, the APWECON Governor, Mrs. Matilda Shipeolu, said that the event was a welcome initiative to boost their roles as comperes, as well as ensure a strong foundation for a violence-free home.

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