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June 25, 2024

ACF seeks greater international aid for disaster-stricken North Africa

As rescue teams from across the world provide aid and intensify the search for survivors of the deadliest earthquake in Morocco, and the flooding in Libya, the Arewa Consultative Forum ( ACF) Saturday joined other groups and international organizations seeking for increased and sustained support to victims of the catastrophes in the two North African nations.

Eight days ago, Morocco witnessed its deadliest quake which devastated villages in the High Atlas Mountains killing more than 3000 people, while 5000 others got missing. In Libya, floods killed more than 6000 people in the coastal city of Der-na after two dams burst wipng away one quarter of the city. Ten thousand people have been declared missing; 30,000 others misplaced.

Reviewing the tragic events in the two nations, the Chairman, Board of Trustees of the ACF in Kano State, Retired Brigadier- General Halliru Akilu called for the spread of global concern about the disasters. He appealed to the International Community to increase the scope of rescue efforts and all forms of humanitarian gestures in the affected areas.

General Akilu emphasized that because of the humanity in us, Nigeria and other African nations should spearhead the provision of support to confront the effects of both the Moroccan earthquake and the catastrophic Libyan flooding which had brought about loss of thousands of lives, deprivation and human agony. Such funding would go a long way to help organizations on the ground to provide emergency food assistance, health services, shelters and mental health.

The former Director of Military Intelligence cautioned the Africa Union, the United Nations and International Relief agencies not to allow the Moroccan and Libyan governments to be overwhelmed by the demands of the affected communities.

He stressed the need for nations to provide technical expertise to Morocco and Libya to bolster ongoing emergency services. General Akilu then enjoined all Nigerians to fervently include the people of Morocco and Libya in their prayers describing the two North African nations as Nigeria’s dependable allies.

He prayed Allah to forgive the departed victims of the two disasters, as well as ease the affairs of survivors.

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