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May 18, 2024

Appraising Alfindiki’s Model For Cosmopolitan Governance In Kano

By Ahmad Tijjani Yakasai

Unarguably, Faizu Kamaludeen Alfindiki, the incumbent chairman, Kano Municipal Council stand out in the league of 44 others Council bosses in Kano state due largely to his dedication to duty, record of achievements, pro poor style of governance which endeared him to millions of grassroots supporters locally, and beyond.

Alfindiki, one of the biggest political export from Kano metropolis over the last two decades of participatory democracy in Nigeria elevated himself as a factor in Kano state politics when in a feat of dexterity overwhelmed all comers in a competitive election that threw him up in January 16, 2021.

The 2021 Kano local elections were held on January 16, 2021, to elect 44 local government chairmen and 484 local government councillors in all 44 local government areas. As in the 2018 elections, the Kano All Progressives Congress won all 44 chairmanship and 484 councillorship seats.

Undoubtedly, Kano Municipal Council is one of the key metropolitan Council that houses the creme de la crime of Kano politics. It further warehouse major economic lifeline, the traditional authority that make Kano both the commercial hub, and traditional super power of west Africa sub region.

Interestingly, Faizu Kamaludeen on assumption of duties in 2021 introduced leadership style that gave premium to economic prosperity, political stability , security of life and property, and human capital development in a populous metropolitan Council in Nigeria.

Despite little resources at his disposal, the intellectually endowed council boss live an austere life to satisfy the needs of his Council. He has, and still continues to serve his people with the best of his ability. Alfindiki remains accessible to his people through Facebook timeline, WhatsApp page, and his GSM to keep tab on development.

He realized too well that local governments rely on the cooperation of citizens to achieve their goals by getting involved in community affairs, paying taxes, and exercising your rights and privileges as a citizen

Similarly, local government is the tier of government closest to the people. It is through local government that citizens can participate directly in the governance of their communities.
The roles and responsibilities of local government as spelled out in the Constitution of Nigeria. Some of these roles and responsibilities include maintaining law and order, providing basic amenities, and promoting social and economic development.

Fa’izu Alfindiki’s coming into power as Kano Municipal Council chairman has had significant impact recorded in area of education, health, youth and women empowerment and infrastructural development of the local government.

A proud asset to millions of youth in Kano, his style of governance has opened the door for youth to fully participate in politics and leadership which is helping in lowering the level of political thuggery, and unemployment.

No doubt, Kano Municipal under Alfindiki’s leadership has improved significantly in economic revival due to his understanding of the local government’s complex needs and opportunities.

Kano youth are lucky and opportune to weld’s Alfindiki’s lofty ambitions to pragmatic politics. Kano Municipal under his leadership cut the growing power of pockets of special interest which so often conceal their self-serving agendas behind a fecade of fist-in-the-air patriotism and unfulfilling promises.

Love or hate him, Fa’izu Kamaludeen Alfindiki today is a factor in Kano Municipal’s political circle. His assets includes, his public presence, his coolness under pressure, firm believe about unity of Kano municipal, remarkable negotiating skills and his ability to get a YES. All those who knew and work close to him will attest to the fact that politics and leadership were woven into his DNA

Owing to his closeness to the grassroots, On a number of occasions, Alfindiki had provided succour to critical stakeholders within the Council as it was during Eid-El Maulud in 2021.

He distributed foodstuffs, cash to no fewer than 100 Imams and Islamic clerics as part of activities marking this year Eid-El Maulud.Oct 25, 2021.

The gestures which were in line with established practice was also extended to homes of the affected beneficiaries in Kano city.

Alfindiki, had explained during that auspicious moment that “As we’re celebrating the birth of our Noble Prophet Muhammad, Peace and Blessing of God be upon him, we feel obliged to put smiles on the faces of people.”

Faizu Alfindiki, said “I want to use this auspicious occasion to call on Muslims to align themselves with the prophet’s teachings. His teachings border on piety, charity, tolerance and peaceful co-existence, among others.”

He further enjoined faithfuls to continue to demonstrate in their lives, the good virtues of the Prophet, to engender peace and unity needed for growth and development of the country in general.”

Alfindiki, therefore, tasked Muslims to exhibit “good conduct, be just, preach peace, be good to their neighbours and kind to children and the aged.”

The Council boss noted that the Prophet’s message was always one of peace, truthfulness and faithfulness, adding that the celebration would provide Muslims with the opportunity to reflect on the Prophet’s deeds and pronouncements, as well as the messages He brought from Allah.

On a security, Faizu Alfindiki, it is on record that he installed dozens of security gates across the metropolis. He had explained that the measure became imperative to solidify the security of life and property.

The Council boss said that the Municipal council host millions of residents that conduct legitimate business within the metropolis, adding that it is incumbent on us to take proactive safety measures.

He stated that installations of security gates in strategic areas of the city are an ongoing exercise, adding that “our focus and attention is now on security and health”.

The Council boss revealed that the installation of security gates is going on simultaneously with the massive evacuation of drainage across the city.

Alfindiki said the evacuation of the drainage across the old city and environs tagged “Lungu Kal Kal ” was designed for the health benefits of residents.

He said “we have the people’s mandate that has made it expedient for us to identify with their needs, and so far we are doing our best as an example for metropolitan governance “

Alfindiki, therefore, enjoined the city residents to cooperate with the government on areas of security for sustainable development.

Alfindiki’s leadership style was anchored on pro poor policy, education for all, economic independence, and security for life and property. He indeed, came ,saw and conquered.

Ahmad Tijjani Yakasai

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