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May 19, 2024

Arewa Group Faults Report on Allegations Against Northerners

The Arewa Movement for Good Governance in Nigeria has faulted a report made by coalition of West Africa Investigative Journalist on allegations against northerners who occupied some positions in government agencies.

The chairman of the group, Comrade Umar Usman made this known in a statement on Monday.

Read the Full Statement Below:

Arewa Movement for Good Governance in Nigeria is a registered organization saddle with the responsibility to ensure good governance through transparency and accountability.

The group in totality condemned a report presented by so called coalition of West Africa Investigative Journalist on their allegation northerners who are in highest position.

How ever the Arewa movement for good governance in totality said such report is unacceptable. In a civilize and democratic nation like Nigeria saying so called coalition of West Africa Investigation fabricated the report in order to teenage the image of northerners who are in highest position.

How ever Since the assumption of office by our President and commander in Chief of the Armed Forces Federal Republic of Nigeria, President Bola Ahmed Tinibu we have witness an Active policies and Programmes that has convince Majority of Nigerians including the opposition that this country is surely taking a bold towards going back to the track success and so many changes that has already taken place is a right step in the right Direction.

However be a Journalist for us to understand that throughout the So-called investigation carried out by the Coalition of West Africa Investigative Journalists, there was not is the Spirit of Fairness on the their allegation against many agencies in Nigeria especially agencies headed by northerners, on his side of the story? Mr Ggoyega and his group did not say in his (sponsored Press Conference)?
2. Insn’t it alarming that, this Group deliberately decided to just focus on that they term as “mismanagement of Funds” and want any rational thinking Nigerian to believe that since they assume office in 2019 up to date no single Project(s) was executed or carried out under the present administration or are such Project invincible?

3. What is the rationale behind the timing of the Group’s so-called Mischievous Story? Isn’t it obvious that the group and their Co-Sponsors are ternaging the image of prominent people who have a good record for the country

4. That isnt it Amazing that Both the World bank and the African Development Bank whom we all Understand their strict policy of close Monitoring and Evaluation of any facility they grant you will now agree an additional approval of 759 million US Dollars Grant to a “Supposedly Corrupt” Organization or is the Secretary General, been economical with the real intentions of his Actions or that of his Co-Sponsors?
For the Alleged dozens of accounts the So-Called Group and their Sponsors over blow such numbers.

The alleged some MD Operate more than two accounts and such accounts exist long before he even assume the Public office. The Naysayers and their Sponsors are Free to check the records of the managing director.

We are not encouraging the Authorities from doing their Job but my take however is that while doing that authorities should thoroughly examine both sides of the Coins. They should also extend their investigations to the claimants of the allegation so that their submissions should not end up as a witching as I strongly suspect.

Lastly so called investigation journalist is planning to bring division in a populace country live Nigeria by faking a report to attack a northern who are in highest position because of their selfish interest, this is to say this is not the first time such group is attacking northerners in highest position.

Lastly we called on the Nigeria to condemned such allegation for the interest of the nation so as to move forward.

Arewa Movement for Good Governance in Nigeria.

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