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July 16, 2024

Arts Minister, Hannatu Musawa admits dual role as Serving Corp Member

Hannatu Musawa, the incumbent Minister of Arts, Culture, and Creative Economy, has openly acknowledged her concurrent status as a National Youth Service Corp (NYSC) member.

Musawa confirmed this fact through a statement she personally endorsed on Sunday. The declaration comes in response to a wave of media criticism and misinformation that arose following her appointment by President Bola Tinubu as a minister.

Emphasizing her adherence to the stipulations of the National Youth Service Corps, Musawa stated, “I confirm that I am currently engaged as a corps member, a commitment I undertook eight months ago out of a sense of responsibility and loyalty to my nation. My participation in the scheme has been a pending matter since my initial mobilization in 2001.”

Addressing any potential violation of legal or constitutional norms, she clarified, “My current position as a minister and my status as a serving corps member are fully aligned with the laws and constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, as amended. Nowhere within these documents is it indicated that a serving corps member cannot be nominated by the President of Nigeria or any other appointing authority for political roles.”

Musawa further elaborate upon this perspective, citing both the constitution and the NYSC Act, “Neither of these sources imposes a restriction on the appointment of a corps member into political office, nor do they mandate the completion of service prior to assuming such roles. Legally and constitutionally, no constraints exist. Thus, I have not transgressed any Nigerian laws.”

Detailing her journey, she recounted, “I submitted an application to the NYSC for re-mobilization for national service last year. Subsequently, I was graciously mobilized and deployed to serve in Abuja, where I have been dedicated to service for the past eight months, prior to my current designation as a minister of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.”

Unveiling the rationale behind her incomplete program from 22 years ago, Musawa disclosed, “Commencing in 2001, I embarked on mandatory national service as a corps member, initially stationed in Akwa-Ibom State upon the culmination of my university education. However, due to familial obligations, I was unable to conclude the service that same year after my redeployment to Kaduna State. Despite this, it has remained my personal commitment to fulfill this national obligation whenever the opportunity presented itself.”

Reiterating her position, she expressed, “I resubmitted my application to the NYSC for re-mobilization for national service last year. The NYSC accepted and deployed me to serve in Abuja, where I have been dedicated for the past eight months before assuming my current role as a minister in the Federal Republic of Nigeria.”

Nonetheless, the minister called upon the citizens of Nigeria to extend their support as she embarks on her new responsibilities, while she anticipates the fulfillment of her NYSC program within the forthcoming four months.”

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