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May 30, 2024

CEO Biz Classic Nigeria Limited Urges Kano State Government to Tackle Power Shortage Crisis

Biz Classic Limited CEO, Alhaji Aminu Rabi’u Ali, has urged the Kano State Governor to prioritize and enhance adequate electricity power supply in the state. In a statement released today, Rabi’u emphasized the importance of electricity in boosting businesses and fostering development in the region.

Rabi’u pointed out that with the Ramadan period fast approaching, it is crucial for the state to ensure reliable electricity supply to meet the increased demand during this time. He emphasized that adequate power supply is essential for businesses to thrive and for the local economy to grow.

“Electricity is a basic necessity for businesses to operate effectively. Without consistent power supply, businesses suffer from disruptions and incur additional costs,” Ali said. “By improving electricity infrastructure in Kano State, we can attract more investments, create job opportunities, and ultimately improve the standard of living for the residents.”

Ali also highlighted the potential for renewable energy sources, such as solar power, to supplement the existing power grid and provide uninterrupted electricity supply to the state. He urged the government to explore all available options to address the energy needs of the people in Kano State.

As the CEO of Biz Classic Limited, Alhaji Rabi’u Ali’s advocacy for adequate electricity supply in Kano State reflects the concerns of many business owners and residents in the region. With the support of the government and stakeholders, efforts to improve the power sector in the state are expected to yield positive results and contribute to the overall development of Kano State.

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