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July 16, 2024

Da’u as a unique gift to Jigawa state

By Lawal Jet Kaugama

Hon. Magaji Aliyu Da’u, who represented Birnin Kudu/Buji Federal Constituency of Jigawa state, in the 9th Assembly,  is a unique gift to the people of Jigawa state. Dau’s uniqueness shows clearly in the affairs of the state as it affects the masses  in his constituency.

This unique political personality and rare legislator was, by error of omission or commission, not returned to the 10th National  Assembly to continue his good works of legislation and popular representation.

The non-returning of Hon. Da’u to the Federal House of Representatives is a mystery Jigawa people cannot explain.  No wonder most supporters argued that Da’u might have been edged out by some powers who are deep in the business of the importation of electricity generators. Da’u is a rare public officeholder and legislator whose accomplishments have been graciously recognised by the Nigeria Governors Forum (NGF) and the Office of the Speaker of the House of Representatives.

In the letters dated May 24, 2023 and June 13, 2023, by the House of Representatives and NGF respectively, Da’u was highly commended for his visionary leadership, teamwork spirit and attention to details in his legislative oversight functions as chairman of House Committee on Electricity.

His rare courage and commitment to duty which ensured that electricity Act 2023 was peacefully harmonised by the Senate and the House was recognised and commended.

Those  two glorious letters are a clear testament that  good works cannot be overshadowed by an evil plan.

We in Da’u’s constituency, believe that Da’u will have the last laugh as we, his supporters, are sure of victory in the electoral petition tribunal. We are still very hopeful for his return to NASS.

During Da’u’s tenure, the people of his constituency reaped the dividends of democracy and fine representation of a lawmaker whose main reason for being in government business was to help his people.

He identified with both the rich and the downtrodden. He gave his all to the people because he sees humanity first before anything else. He splashed the poor and needy with the good things of life. Yet due to the influence of some powerful people in the state, the people were deceived to vote for a wrong candidate instead of Da’u, a true patriot and hero to the masses.

Now with emergence of a PDP representative in the National Assembly, the people are biting their fingers, regretting the political blunder they had made.

Where is now the timely and benevolent interaction with the people Hon. Dau is noted for?  The constituency had received a fair share of Da’u’s  humanity, and as humans, they need more. So what do we do? Indeed we shall patiently wait for the general election in 2027 so that Dau’s benevolence to his people continues.

This is a lawmaker who willingly distributed fertilizers to farmers during the planting season for better yields to ensure food security in his constituency. He ensured  personal palliatives to the people in order to cushion the rising cost of living in the country. But now all this seems to his constituents as a sweet dream which they now want to return to no avail.

The pro-people gesture of Da’u and his personal charisma had made it possible for APC to win a lot of following to the party.

Demonstrating his practical ability to protect his people, Da’u traversed dangerous areas believed to be the stronghold of his traducers just to disabuse their minds, because he practises politics without bitterness.

To the admiration of his supporters, Da’u said no danger could stop him from visiting any place, to see for himself the condition in which his compatriots in his constituency live.

While most politicians blow their own trumpet, Da’u is a silent achiever. All his monumental achievements as lawmaker were hinged on his self-evident principle that leadership is not for personal aggrandisement, but a call to duty; to serve rather than to be served.

It is unarguable that Da’u excels in various ways of life. He stands tall among his contemporaries. He is a shining light that shapes his environment and the world.  Undoubtedly he will return to his duty post in the National Assembly in 2027, God willing.

Da’u is indeed an undisputable and pragmatic achiever who has brought progress and global attention to his constituency as a lawmaker. His exemplary life, integrity and doggedness  uplifted the life of his constituents.

Why wouldn’t Jigawa people go for a man who personalised their socio-economic problems and security at the expense of his life and family?  For Da’u, humanity is his religion. He possesses the traits, integrity and capacity to drive his constituency and  even the state through the pathway of phenomenal positive transformation to a desired destination.

Jigawa cannot afford to allow a popular politician like Hon. Da’u,  a crowd puller, out of the day’s government. Heavy crowd always graced any occasion he participated in.

Hon. Dau’s political clout was proven by the large attendance, men and women from all walks of life, to any event he is invited to attend. This is because his antecedents in his office speak volumes of his humanity and leadership qualities. Whatever he does, whether in office or out of office, his central concern is the people, their welfare and security.  He threads where the feeble-minded colleagues cannot. His courage, honesty and love of country manifest in whatever business he engages in.

While his colleagues kept mum on matters of national concern, he did not. He spoke out on the state of electricity supply in the country by blaming reoccurring national grid collapse on Transmission Company of Nigeria’s (TCN) obsolete equipment

In October 2022, Da’u, who was the Chairman of the House Committee on Power, blamed reoccurring national grid collapse on obsolete infrastructure inherited by the Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN).

Courageously,  Da’u said the company has inherited old infrastructure. All at their disposal were outdated.

The popularity of Hon. Dau became more manifest when more than 4,000 people graced his  reception on the lawmaker’s return  home upon successful completion of his PhD programme in Public Administration from the University of Scotland.

This is a singular public officeholder who is able to meet with people and connect with them  to make then feel relevant and realise their social and political worthiness. Why then should we let him go? This is a manifest error Jigawa has committed, but has now realised and set to correct.

Da’u told the bewildered nation  that  the over 40-year old Mambilla Hydro-Power project only existed on papers because there was nothing on ground to show that the project has commenced before the coming of APC-led government.

The humanity and altruistic nature of Hon Dau has all combined to endear him to the people. His popularity  that was spreading like wild fire, resorted to threats on his life.  Therefore out of envy, anger and frustration,  his enemies who could not stop his popularity attacked his candidacy and deceived the electorate. But now we have seen the difference.

Hon. Da’u was right to say the attack was sponsored by his political detractors who were threatened by the record of his sterling performance in the the National Assembly.

Hon.  Dau ensures that he offers effective and quality representation for his constituents in his years at the Federal House of Representatives.

The incorruptible lawmaker has personally sponsored and attracted people-oriented projects to the constituency with verifiable records.

He has executed over 18 road projects and hundreds of solar street lights. He has constructed classroom blocks in schools, built maternity hospitals, and attracted to the constituency the Federal Government College of Special Education project which was approved by President Muhammadu Buhari.

Because of his constant connection with the people, he identifies their problems and goes about to solve them without the least hesitance.

Going by the number of projects he has executed for the good of his people, his philanthropic gestures as expertise,we, his constituents, need no other person from any political party to represent us in the National Assembly.

Kaugama, a commentator on national issues, writes from Kano

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