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May 30, 2024

EID-EL-KABIR Celebrations: Police arrest 108 suspects in Kano

By Salisu Hamisu Ali

In a commendable display of law enforcement during the Eid-El-Kabir celebrations, the Kano State Police Command has successfully apprehended over 108 suspects and seized a significant amount of dangerous weapons, illicit drugs, motor vehicles, tricycles, motorcycles, and other incriminating exhibits.

During a press briefing on Thursday, the Commissioner of Police for Kano State, Mohammed Usaini Gumel, addressed the media and highlighted the achievements of the command. He revealed that the arrests made by the diligent operatives of the command encompassed a range of criminal activities.

Among the suspects apprehended were 24 individuals involved in armed robbery, 3 suspected kidnappers, 2 alleged drug dealers, 9 suspected thieves, 2 motor vehicle thieves, 3 tricycle thieves, and 3 motorcycle thieves.

Additionally, the Kano State Police Command successfully arrested 57 suspected thugs and 5 suspected fraudsters, while also recovering dangerous weapons from their possession.

Commissioner Mohammed Usaini Gumel stated, “In our unwavering commitment to ensuring public safety and maintaining peace during the Eid-El-Kabir Sallah festivities, the Command executed intelligence gathering, conducted extensive patrols, raided criminal hideouts, and targeted black spots. These efforts were undertaken to prevent any potential breach of peace or disruption caused by criminals and miscreants.”

The Commissioner further emphasized that over the course of three weeks, from June 14, 2023, to July 5, 2023, a total of 108 suspects were apprehended, and a range of illegal items and exhibits were confiscated from their possession. These included dangerous weapons, illicit drugs, motor vehicles, tricycles, motorcycles, and other incriminating evidence.

Addressing the issue of escalating thuggery activities in Kano State metropolis, the Police Command identified several suspected thugs and issued a public invitation for them to voluntarily report to the nearest police station.

“Failure to do so would result in the suspects being declared wanted and subsequently arrested to face the full force of the law” he warned.

The following suspected thugs (known as ‘Yan Daba) kingpins were specifically called upon to present themselves at the nearest police station:

1. Burakita of Dorayi Karama Quarters
2. Messi of Kan Tudun Dala
3. Dan Boss of Dala Makabarta
4. Ado Runtu of Tudun Fulani, Bachirawa Quarters
5. Baffa Killer of Mazaunar Tanko Quarters
6. Kamilu Duna of Adakawa Quarters
7. Chile Mai Doki of Tudun Fulani, Bachirawa Quarters
8. Uzaifa of Unguwar Yola Quarters
9. Hantar Daba of Kwanar Disu Quarters
10. Bahago of Makabarta Kuka Bulukiya Quarters
11. Nasiru Naso of Kofar Wambai Quarters
12. Nazifi Nanaso of Zango Quarters
13. Sharu Gambo of Sharifai Quarters
14. Sharu Ali of Sharifai Quarters
15. Ma’aruf Goma of Hanga Quarters
16. Zubairu Mai Dala of Yalwa Quarters Dala

PRIME TIME NEWS highlights the Commissioner’s call for residents of Kano State to uphold the law and cooperate with the police. The Commissioner also urged the ward heads in the respective areas where these suspects are located to work in collaboration with the police force to identify and apprehend them.

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