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April 15, 2024

Ganduje: The unanimity of endorsement

By Yusuf Babangida Sulaiman

Since the break in news of the potential for Dr Abdullahi Umar Ganduje to become APC National Chairman, there has been a flurry of hailing and applause, portraying such a choice as a bespoke one, tailor made to cause further expansion of the party’s base and unification of its strategic backbone in alignment with the ideals upon which the founders envisaged for it, the unanimity of endorsement speaks for Ganduje loudly.  

The capabilities and profile of Dr Ganduje are in the open, and they suit any and every top leadership responsibility he may be given. The veteran teacher, public servant, administrator, politician, a known workaholic fits the bill to unify the APC and tactfully entrench discipline within the party’s ranks. Dr Ganduje is known to be firm and deliberate in his march towards actively achieving his inward convictions. As in the words of the union of 7 state chairman of the APC in Ganduje’s native North West zone, he should be the party’s National Chairman on account of his “qualification, wealth of experience, maturity, steadfastness, commitment and resilience.”

We, in Kano, have known Ganduje to be in the public glare for more than two decades and he is best known for how much he has brought to Kano in terms of his renowned energy and zeal to deliver, earning him the nickname “Ganduje Gandun Aiki” since the days of the Military when he served as Commissioner of Works and Housing. It is worthy of praise that the man has sojourned across diverse roles and fields and he has earned stupendous accolades for his pragmatism and energetic pursuits.

Ganduje is indeed eminently qualified to lead the governing party as Chairman, and he is equipped to task the party officials to be even hungrier and rally the opposition into being wholly constructive. He has the grit and tenacity to ensure that the party wins and wins, because he is synonymous with winning.

I have been on the opposing sides with Ganduje having served in the Kano State House of Assembly while he was Governor, for much longer on the same side as him having also been in the State House during the time he was Deputy Governor, and in his 2nd term as Governor as well I was in the Minority Caucus of the House. I dare say that Ganduje is a worthy ally, one that rewards loyalty unreservedly and one that ensures rapid vertical progression of politicians in his close circle. As an opponent, Ganduje possesses the tenacity only comparable with that of a honey badger, he never stops the battle of wits and grit until the opponent either coalesces alongside him, or suffers heavy defeat.

I find it pitiable that some persons have taken to libelling against and denigrating the person of Ganduje, all in a bid to stop his imminent potential of leading the APC as National Chairman. We find comfort though in having a President with political depth and a party filled with wise people who will not trade Ganduje’s priceless offering for anything. It is better for the detractors to take lessons from Kwankwaso on how not to trigger Ganduje into action, otherwise they will find themselves counting pieces of sticks of the broom while the veteran sails away triumphantly with the big prize.

Hon Yusuf Babangida Sulaiman, Member Kano State House of Assembly (2011-2023) Gwale Constituency

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Mustapha Salisu

Mustapha Salisu is a graduate of BSc. Information and Media Studies from Bayero University Kano, with experience in Communication Skills as well as Public Relations.

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