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April 23, 2024

Ganduje’s infamous decision that Abba Gida-Gida suppose to shun away

By Abbas Maikano

Ex-Governor Ganduje saw the seed of his political destruction for his infamous decisions in different places on different occasions with different appointments into political offices as well as the in-house and untouchable cabal he possessed.

As a student of history, we learned various lessons from the past administration in the Political History of our state.

No incumbent administration is willingly wishing to relinquish power to the opposition on a platter form of goal without any factor that resulted in its failure, negligence, or selfish curiosity; power is so sweet to lose, but a poor decision might cause its end prematurely. You can testify that by looking back at the tragedy of the 2019 inconclusive election where Ganduje became absent-minded and curious to steal the mandate of Engr Abba K. Yusuf from the popular majority of the state.

It’s unmistakable to admit that Ganduje is rich and has nothing to lose if he chooses wisely to live in peace and harmony with his predecessor Engr. Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso who installed him as the Executive Governor of Kano State. But, Moddibo chose to act differently by bringing his family close to his decisions which later influenced his daily activities of Kano state administrative duties.

His greediness and quest for accumulating more wealth resulted in a Daily Nigerian Investigative publication In October 2018 where video clips of Governor Abdullahi Umar Ganduje appeared allegedly receiving a bribe amounting to about $5million from contractors in Kano state.

The Contractors claimed that the governor personally receives between 15 to 25 per cent kickbacks for every project executed in the state.

There is no doubt by saying the alleged bribery video clips tarnished the image of Governor Ganduje and reduce his quality of leadership and charisma where many people mocked the sitting governor and his political party that campaigned for anti-corruption practices in the country. The video also in 2019 played a vital role during the election whereby the Governor nearly lost his seat if not because of an inconclusive election declared in certain polling units and wards of the state.

I believe Abba Kabir Yusuf as an incumbent Governor of Kano learned from his predecessor not to repeat such shameful mistakes on earth.

Again, the Family and Friends Administration with the influence of the First Lady of the State caused Ganduje’s Administration damage to the level that if you want any appointment then, if Gwaggon Kanawa is with you, you can rest assured to assume duty on a specified date she so wishes. Her influence in Kano has no second in the state. The family affairs of Ganduje’s administration made him show much of his selfishness to impose his son in the House of Representative candidacy in Dawakin Tofa Federal Constituency, the son failed woefully. Also, a property belonging to the state government has been sold to his family, friends, and biological son in particular at the cheapest rate.

Engr Abba Kabir Yusuf, during his campaign, promised not to include his family members in the administrative duties of the state. He is known by his words anytime, anyplace, and anywhere. But allegations were flaunting the media houses and new media outlets that Abba Gida-Gida appointed his cousin as the Executive Secretary History and Culture Bureau. Also, rumours have been mingling in the ears of Kano indigents that the Managing Director of KAROTA position has been given to one of Abba Gida-Gida’s relatives in the person of Engr. Faisal Mahmud Kabir who confirmed it via Facebook page. Also, it has been learned that an in-law to one of the party’s influential leaders was sworn in as the Commissioner in the state.

Kano Workers and Pensioners are the bedrock of disrupting the continuity of Ganduje’s anointed candidate, their hard-earned salaries and pensions were molested and intercepted. It became the workers’ familiarity in the state to learn a salary deduction on a monthly basis. Engr Abba K. Yusuf has done justice in this aspect. A statement signed by the State Secretary to Government (SSG) Kano state, Dr Abdullahi Baffa Bichi, announced the stoppage of the deduction of a sum of N370.00 each from the Salaries and Pensions of all Civil Servants and Pensioners in the State. I believe Abba has no issue with workers’ salaries.

To take this short, Abba Gida-Gida in his integrity supposed to value and respect his words and promises during the campaign, it is too early to judge him, but he could make sure his administration ought to be confidential and away from the alleged family affairs syndrome I mentioned above. Technocrats, professionals, and experts are what the 21st century is appreciating not sympathy and family affairs syndrome.

Abbas Maikano writes from Kano and can be reached via abbasmaikano10@gmail.com

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Mustapha Salisu

Mustapha Salisu is a graduate of BSc. Information and Media Studies from Bayero University Kano, with experience in Communication Skills as well as Public Relations.

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