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June 21, 2024

KACRAN condemn killings of Nigerians

From Sani Gazas Chinade, Damaturu

Kulen Allah Cattle Rearers Association of Nigeria (KACRAN), a peace-loving association, expresses its deep concern and unequivocally condemns all forms of violence and brutal killings of innocent Nigerians in the name of banditry (‘yan bindiga) and volunteer forces (‘yan sa Kai).

KACRAN is deeply saddened by the recent incidents in the North East and other regions of Nigeria. 

In a statement signed by Honarabul Khalid Mohammed Bello the national president of the association said, At a time when the association is actively engaged in dialogue with relevant government authorities to find sustainable solutions to the nation’s security challenges, these acts of violence undermine our collective efforts.

The condemnation by KACRAN stems from the firm belief that no cause justifies aggressive attacks, reprisals, or the senseless killing of fellow citizens. 

These inhumane acts are barbaric in nature and have no place in our society, especially when the global community strives for peace, progress, and the well-being of its people.

The association is deeply worried by the continued occurrence of these reprehensible acts, as there can never be any justification for committing such heinous crimes against humanity. 

KACRAN questions why individuals would engage in such unjustifiable, animalistic behavior by blindly attacking, destroying, and brutally killing their fellow human beings.

In light of these distressing developments, KACRAN calls upon volunteer forces and bandits to take the following actions:

1. Immediate cessation of attacks: Volunteers must refrain from causing unnecessary harm to their communities by attacking and killing innocent people. It is essential to understand that senseless violence only makes them and their communities more vulnerable to bandit attacks. 

They must seek peaceful ways to resolve conflicts and foster permanent peace and development.

2. Deter bandit attacks: Bandits must refrain from mercilessly attacking innocent people in the name of revenge against volunteers (‘yan Sakai). 

The association urges them to recognize that their reprisal attacks inflict wounds, destruction, and suffering on innocent villagers, including women, children, and the elderly. Such acts are unjustifiable and unacceptable.

3. Law enforcement and accountability: Both the volunteers and bandits should remember that they are accountable for their actions. Resorting to violence will only bring dire consequences, including potential apprehension by law enforcement agencies.

 They should seek lawful means to address grievances and refrain from jeopardizing the lives of innocent individuals.KACRAN emphasizes that unity is paramount, and the well-being of all Nigerians should prevail over any divisions or misunderstandings. 

The association calls on the government authorities to collaborate with KACRAN in implementing effective measures for conflict resolution and the restoration of peace.

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