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May 18, 2024

Kano State to sponsor 1001 students for master’s degrees abroad

Kano State has unveiled its plan to sponsor 1001 students on scholarships for master’s degrees abroad.

This was disclosed by Hon. Kabiru Getso Haruna, the Executive Secretary of the Kano State Scholarship Board, during an exclusive interview in Kano.

According to him, the scholarship is a significant move aimed at fostering higher education and international exposure.

He added that it signifies a promising future for higher education in Kano State, offering students opportunities to excel academically on the global stage and contribute to the development of the society.

“This is an achievement,” he stated.

Hon. Haruna, emphasizing the importance of investing in education, expressed his belief that these students would return to their society equipped with valuable knowledge and skills.

He revealed that, “In the coming days, coinciding with the governor’s 100-day tenure in office, the board will send some of these students abroad on the same day.

He confirmed that preparations are near completion, with visa and passport processing underway.

While highlighting the challenges faced by the board, The executive secretary revealed that the scholarship recipients had in the past encountered several difficulties.

He criticized the previous government for not giving adequate consideration to scholarship programs.

Haruna cited an example of 59 students sponsored during the Kwankwaso administration to study MBBS and nursing in Near East university, Cyprus.

“To the dismay of all, these students’ parents have come here to plead for this government to complete the payment for their children to obtain their certificates.

“The school has withheld their certificates until their fees are completed,” he narrated.

He explained that the total payment was divided into seven sections, with Kwankwaso paying for five sections before handing over power to Ganduje, who subsequently neglected the students’ needs.

He added that, “This administration is actively addressing the matter and will soon resolve it.”

Hon. Haruna lauded the governor, Abba Kabir Yusuf for his unwavering commitment to the education sector.

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