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July 17, 2024

Mandela Washington Fellowship Alumni Gets Matron After a Decade

The Mandela Washington Fellowship Alumni Association of Nigeria (MWFAAN) has for the first since its inception 10 years ago inaugurated Dr. Miaro Mandara her maiden matron.

During the event which took place in Abuja on Monday, the association in collaboration with United States Embassy also honored Dr. Miaro with a Lifetime Achievement Award in recognition of her continuous humanitarianism, contribution to public health and education of youths in Nigeria and beyond.

In her address, Dr. Miaro urged the alumni to shun been individualism and embrace the idea of mentorship for a better society while also urging youths to take charge of today as now is the future.

“While appreciating the honour, I think we should all see mentorship as a responsibility rather than a favour. The bottomline is, especially in the current day Nigeria, we just we cannot succeed if we remain individualistic. It is just not okay when only you are okay, others around you must be okay too. So if we could be responsible enough to bring forward everybody that is behind, the world would be a better place.

“We all should embrace mentorship. The most beautiful part of mentorship is that as a mentor, actually get to grow, probably better than the mentee, because by giving you institutionalise and immortalise what you have. It is also time for the youths to be at the helms of affairs because there is no time for the future, now is for the young people and they should take charge,” she emphasised.

Mrs Farida Yahya, President of the MWFAAN, during her welcome address said, “Dr. Mandara’s dedication, passion, and leadership has made a significant impact on communities, and we are thrilled to recognise her achievements with the Lifetime Achievement Award.

“As we invest Dr. Mandara as our Matron, we acknowledge her commitment to empowering others and her unwavering support for the alumni community. May her leadership inspire us to continue making a positive difference in our respective fields and beyond”.

On his part, Mr. Brian Neubert, Cultural Affairs Officer of the US embassy expressed optimistism that Dr. Mairo will make an impact on the association and at the same time called on Nigerians to seek people like as mentors.

“We believe in the power of mentorship and the significant role that mentors like Dr. Mairo play in inspiring and guiding young people to achieve their full potential cannot be overstated.

“We are hence convinced that she will bring her experience, values and excellent qualities to bear in the new responsibilities.

“My advice to Nigerians, is to listen to people like Dr Mandara, to listen to people who have dedicated their lives to social justice, dedicated their lives to girls and to women, to humanitarian causes, to improving health, nutrition, food security. She has been out there on the frontlines. She has been all over the country and all over the world, advocating on behalf of these causes, and I would tell young Nigerians to emulate her, to listen to her, seek her out as a mentor,” Mr. Brian stressed.

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