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April 23, 2024

Muslim fans flood Davido, Logos Olori with criticisms over controversial video

In a recent turn of events, the Nigerian singer Olamilekan Taiwo, known as Logos Olori and signed to Davido Music Worldwide, has found himself embroiled in a heated controversy over his latest music video teaser titled “Jaye Lo,” released on Friday, July 21, 2023.

The 45-second video featured several men dressed in white jalabia and caps dancing in front of a mosque, while Logos Olori was seen seated on a speaker mounted on the roof of the building.

What particularly sparked the ire of many viewers was the mention of the Islamic phrase “Alhamdulillah” (praise be to God) within the video.

The teaser was initially shared by Davido on his Instagram account with the caption, “Allow me to re-introduce Logos Olori with his new single, ‘Jaye Lo.’ Let us run it up one time! Let’s take over the world. DMW.”

However, instead of receiving praise and enthusiasm, the post triggered an avalanche of negative reactions from Muslim fans who felt that the video crossed the line.

One fan, Abba Sa’ad, expressed his disappointment and stated, “My last day of being a Davido fan. You don’t disrespect Islam like this! If it is normal for the Christians, it is not normal for us.”

Similarly, Fauziya Safiyo commented, “This is unacceptable for the Muslim community,” while another commentator, Muhammad Gajimi, demanded an apology from the artists involved, saying, “What you posted was absolutely wrong and prohibited in Islam. We won’t take this lightly. You need to come on television and apologize to the Muslim ummah. You need to take down this video. Let us report this video, please. This is a complete disrespect to your religion. No Imam will dance in the mosque. In fact, music is prohibited in Islam.”

Social media platforms were flooded with similar criticisms, with one Instagram user, Abdelrhman Malik, accusing Logos Olori of mocking a sacred prayer.

Another user named Abdullah expressed concern over the video’s content, saying, “This isn’t it at all. How can somebody be done praying and start dancing on the praying mat? Subhanallah. May Allah protect us from Satan. The music is nice, but the video is definitely not good!”

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Mustapha Salisu

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