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April 23, 2024

NCM calls for establishment of Ministry for Northern Nigeria Development

From Abdullahi Alhassan, Kaduna

The Northern Consensus Movement (NCM), a coalition of Northern Nigerian groups, has made a resounding call for the creation of a dedicated Ministry of Northern Nigeria Development by the federal government, led by President Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

During a press conference held in Kaduna, Dr. Awwal Abdullahi Aliyu, President of the Amalgamated 592 Groups within the movement, stated, “After a thorough assessment of the socio-economic challenges faced by Northern Nigeria, we find it both fitting and imperative to demand the establishment of the Ministry of Northern Nigeria.”

Dr. Awwal elaborated on the necessity of this proposed ministry, explaining that its formation would effectively tackle the long-standing infrastructural shortcomings that have plagued the Northern region for decades.

Upon its creation, the ministry would prioritize targeted project implementation across crucial sectors such as Education, Healthcare, Security, Agriculture, Economy, Environment, and the development of Women and Youth skills.

Dr. Awwal stressed, “The contemporary challenges faced by Northern Nigeria demand immediate attention, especially from our political leaders who have yet to effectively address these issues. Our lack of progress has had a detrimental impact on our unity, integration, and overall socio-economic advancement.”

He called upon the Northern Governors to collaborate with the private sector to overcome obstacles hindering industrial development. This partnership, he asserted, would pave the way for self-reliance and the growth of agro-allied industries including food processing, textiles, leather, and manufacturing.

Highlighting the region’s significant agricultural potential, Dr. Awwal underscored, “With over 75% of Nigeria’s landmass and more than 95% of its livestock industry, Northern Nigeria stands as a major resource hub for the nation’s agricultural development. The creation of strategic agricultural plantations and agro-forestry initiatives is imperative for promoting agro-allied industries, addressing desertification, enhancing soil stability, and fostering a more sustainable environment.”

He emphasized the importance of education, especially for girls and women in the North, where enrollment rates remain alarmingly low. “We must prioritize access to quality education and implement specialized programs for training Qur’anic school teachers,” he remarked.

In terms of political dynamics, Dr. Awwal stated, “The North has often played a pivotal role in determining Nigeria’s presidency through popular votes. However, political opponents have exploited the region’s population advantage to sow discord, portraying the North as power-hungry and overrepresented.”

He continued, “With an estimated population of over 60% and nearly 75% of individuals under the age of 35, the North wields considerable political influence due to its numerical strength. Addressing this challenge is essential to foster a cohesive society, irrespective of the governing leadership. We must gain a deeper understanding of this issue and develop effective policies for the betterment of Northern Nigeria and its people.

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