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July 14, 2024

Receiving grains from Ukraine shows Nigeria has serious economic crisis – Ex-official

Austin Tam-George, a former Commissioner for Information in Rivers State, expressed concerns about Nigeria’s decision to accept humanitarian food aid from Ukraine, pointing out possible economic and leadership challenges within the country.

Tam-George, speaking on Channels Television’s Sunrise Daily on Monday questioned, “why would a war-torn country like Ukraine be making humanitarian food donation to a country like Nigeria?”

“Nigeria has some of the best weather conditions, we have some of the best soil conditions, we have the population to grow massively into agriculture and to make sure we bring food sustainability to our people,”he said.

Emphasizing the point, Tam-George asked, “Why should we be receiving grain from a war-torn country from Ukraine? So, these are massive indications that we have a serious economic crisis, but more importantly, we have a serious leadership crisis.”

The ex-commissioner stressed the responsibility of governments at all levels to address the food crisis.

He explained the connection between the fuel subsidy removal and rising food prices.

Recall that last week, Nigeria is received 25,000 tonnes of grains from Ukraine.

Tam-George pointed out that the World Food Programme’s 25,000-tonne wheat donation aims to assist 1.3 million Nigerians impacted by soaring food prices in the Northeast.

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