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May 18, 2024

Ruqsmee Organises Craft Classes for Pupils

Ahead of the third term primary and secondary school holidays, Ruqsmee organised a two day kiddies summer art and craft classes for primary school pupils.

The craft classes were organised to increase the pupils’ creativity and innovation, increase their hand dexterity, speed, and creative talents that will improve as they practice and also improve their fine motor skills.

The craft classes which started on Sunday trained pupils from different schools in Kano, on how to make valuable items from disposable items.

Part of what the pupils learned include: picture frame, gift cards, shoe making, flower vessels, creative drawings and others.

Rukkaya Ismail, founder of Rusqmee, noted that the craft classes are organized to make pupils productive and also entrepreneurial during their holidays.

She added that “arts & crafts at a young age has many more benefits to kids’ physical, emotional and mental well-being.

“Strengthening children’s imagination and creativity helps them develop important skills and talents that will help them do well in school and reach developmental milestones.”

The founder stressed that “with the help of arts & crafts, a child learns new shapes, designs, styles and colors while also being aware of diverse patterns and figures.

“All kinds of art, including drawing and sketching teach a child’s endurance and attention, making them important for their academic performance.

“Let’s clear this myth, arts and crafts classes actually help children with their concentration, thinking skills, visual learning, and more, which has proven to increase IQ levels.”

The craft classes are expected to end on Monday, while pupils will be given materials and other items that they will use to practice more at home.

Ruqsmee is a modern school that teaches pupils and engages them with art, by knowing a lot about themselves and the world around them, as well as the ability to express themselves via creativity.

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