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May 20, 2024

The architecture of modern transport agency in Northern Nigeria, and who the cap fits

By Bello Shehu Maude

It is well recorded in the book of History that during the administration of Engr. Rabi’u Musa Kwankwaso as a Governor of Kano State set a legacy by initiating a State Road Traffic Agency where subsequently other states of Northern Nigeria imitate and domesticate in their various states for reduction of the high rate of accidents and enforcement of traffic rules and regulations with a punishment of the habitual traffic offenders.

In recent years, Kaduna, Katsina, Borno, Niger, Kwara and Yobe established road traffic management agencies while Bauchi State is planning to follow the terrain with huge expectations of generating revenue to take care of the state’s additional way of sourcing funds.

There is no doubt that the emergence of KAROTA in Kano State provided job opportunities and reintegrated many youths into society by reducing the multitude of drug addicts as the Agency helped the other security personnel in curtailing the menace of drug trafficking in the state.

Historically, on the 16th day of May, 2012 Kano State Government assented the Kano Traffic Law and on 1st November 2012, Kano State Gazette published it for the general public interest to abide by the new law enacted at the state unicameral legislative chamber.

The function of the created Traffic Agency according to Section 15 of the law is to Control traffic and enforce State and National Laws Agency, that govern the safe use of vehicles on roads in the State; Deter and apprehend road traffic offenders; Conduct highly visible day and night traffic patrols to enforce traffic rules and regulations and clear the highways of obstruction; Reduce the incidence and severity of road traffic accidents; Enforce the use of bus stops and bus terminals; Safeguard highways from encroachment from the activities of markets, road-side trading, street hawking and alms begging; and Safeguard school children through school children crossing and school site zones among many other responsibilities for the development of our Kano as a State.

Also, the Agency according to Section 11 of the law, an incumbent Governor shall appoint a Managing Director who will be a chief custodian and administrative head, possessing sound knowledge and ability in the organization and administration of road management and transportation safety matters. While Section 12 on the other hand says, “There shall be a Chief Road Traffic Officer who shall be the Deputy Managing Director.”

The above positions are sacrosanct and not meant to be politicised. The professional and discipline expert on traffic and road management is supposed to be appointed to provide services which will promote the image of the state and generate meaningful revenue through a soft method that will not put the state into jeopardy as happened in the past administration.

I can’t forget the track record of incorruptible, transparent and accountable KAROTA maiden leadership that earned respect in the eyes of many in different states in Northern Nigeria. In 2014 they came out boldly to speak concerning the Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) of the Agency where they generated over N100 million to the state coffers in 2013. This was against the N10 million target given by the state government.

The past administration in its eight (8) years has recorded tension, protests and strikes by tricycle riders due to the unprofessional way of governing the agency with allegations of little or no remittance of generated revenue directly to the account of the state government. Corruptions, abuse of human rights and overlapping of duties were allegedly recorded in which the agency tends to be the avenue of molesting less privileged people who played a vital role in reinstalling the incumbent administration through a mantra of change.

Whenever you want to build an elegant society with law-abiding citizens contributing to the economic development of your state, make a popular as well as wise choice and decision to select the most competent and outstanding technocrat who deserved to be celebrated and remembered for his legacies in the area of his expertise as well as specialisation. This was one of the reasons millions of Nigerians will die with the love of Engr Dr Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso because they believe and ascertain that he is one of the most exceptional strategic and skilful politicians with physical legacies to show, touch, sense and even predict.

Bello Shehu Maude is a Developmental Journalist, Public Policy Analyst, Certified Peace Ambassador, Advocate of Good Governance and Youth Inclusiveness in Politics. Can be reach via belloshehumaude@gmail.com

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