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April 19, 2024

The Call for Sanusi’s Reinstatement: Reigniting Kano’s Economic Flame By Salisu Hamisu Ali

By Salisu Hamisu Ali

Amidst the whispers of tradition and the clamor for progress, Kano finds itself at a crossroads, seeking the return of one of its most prominent sons, Khalifa Malam Muhammad Sanusi II, as Emir.

Sanusi’s tenure as Emir was marked by his fervent dedication to modernization, education(Especially Girl-Child Education) , and economic reform.

Now, as Kano grapples with economic challenges, many voices advocate for his reinstatement, believing in his ability to reignite the flame of prosperity in the ancient city.

Recently a group of “‘Yan Dangwale” (Electorates) wrote a letter to Kano state house of assembly seeking the lawmakers to revisit the controversial sacking of the 14th Fulani Emir on 9th March of 2020 by past administration.

Here are some reasons on why Sanusi should be returned as Emir to help boosting Kano Economy.

Sanusi’s Economic Vision

During his time as Emir, Sanusi championed various initiatives aimed at revitalizing Kano’s economy. He recognized the pivotal role of education in driving economic growth and emphasized the need for investment in human capital. Sanusi’s efforts in promoting education laid the foundation for a skilled workforce essential for attracting investment and fostering innovation.

Moreover, Sanusi prioritized economic diversification, recognizing the vulnerability of Kano’s economy to external shocks, particularly its heavy reliance on the volatile oil sector. He advocated for the development of agriculture, manufacturing, and other non-oil industries to create jobs, reduce poverty, and stimulate sustainable growth. His vision aligned with the broader national agenda of diversifying Nigeria’s economy away from oil dependency.

Recently the former Emir revealed how he engaged the late herbet Wigwe to invest in Kano.

“The last time I saw Herbert and spoke in his house, he was outlining plans for how to help the elected governor of Kano State [Alhaji Abba Kabir Yusuf]. And how he would help to provide finance to build Kano”, Sanusi Said during the his tribute to late Wigwe.

The Impact of Sanusi’s Leadership

During his tenure, Sanusi’s leadership had a tangible impact on Kano’s economy. His advocacy for fiscal responsibility and transparency helped streamline government spending and combat corruption, creating an environment conducive to investment. Additionally, his promotion of microfinance and small-scale entrepreneurship empowered local businesses and contributed to poverty alleviation.

The Call for Sanusi’s Return

In light of Kano’s current economic challenges, characterized by sluggish growth, high unemployment, and poverty rates, many Kano residents and groups are calling for Sanusi’s return as Emir. They believe that his visionary leadership and commitment to economic reform are needed now more than ever to navigate the city through these turbulent times.

Its also obvious on how Sanusi woked with Former Kano state Governor, Sen Kwankwaso in ensuring the establishment of Skyline University in Kano.

Sanusi’s return is seen as a beacon of hope for Kano’s economic resurgence. His track record of bold initiatives and his unwavering dedication to the welfare of the people inspire confidence that he can once again steer Kano towards prosperity. Moreover, his international stature and connections could attract much-needed investment and partnerships to fuel economic growth and development.

Salisu Hamisu Ali
A Journalist and Student of Information and Media Studies Bayero University Kano
Can be reached

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