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April 15, 2024

UK Entertainment launches groundbreaking Hausa series film “Fatake” for global viewers

UK Entertainment, a leading film production company, has recently unveiled its latest project, a Hausa series film called “Fatake,” with the aim of reaching Hausa communities worldwide.

During a media interview, Malam Umar Sani Lawal, also known as Umar UK, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of UK Entertainment, shared insights into the company’s long-term strategy and the motivations behind the production.

Umar UK emphasized that the UK Entertainment team undertook extensive research and analysis to break away from conventional industry norms. The result is a groundbreaking film that not only appeals to audiences in Kano and Nigeria but also encompasses various African countries, effectively capturing the essence of Hausa culture.

The CEO further highlighted the significance of incorporating the cultural values and dialects of different Hausa groups. To ensure authenticity and accuracy, the production team immersed themselves in each country they visited, collaborating with local artists, actors, and actresses who were able to convey the required regional nuances and linguistic variations.

Umar UK also discussed the driving factors behind Hausas leaving their native countries, including business ventures, educational pursuits, and royal disputes. These factors form the core narrative of the film, which begins in the heartland of the Hausa people, Nigeria and Niger, and extends to Ghana, Niger, Mali, and Cameroon. Each location serves as a backdrop to explore the unique experiences of the Hausa diaspora, showcasing diverse languages, accents, and dialects.

“This film represents a departure from our previous productions, as it delves into the intricacies of the Hausa community in a truly immersive manner,” stated Umar UK.

The premiere of the film was celebrated with an elegant dinner hosted by UK Entertainment, attended by esteemed guests, including the Chief of Staff of the Kano State Government House (COS), Alhaji Shehu Sagagi, government officials, and notable individuals. The event also saw the presence of renowned figures from the Kannywood industry, such as producers, directors, and other industry professionals.

Umar UK announced that “Fatake” would be broadcast on the Gaskiya TV Plus channel via satellite on July 2, 2023. The airing is scheduled for 8:00 pm Ghana time, 9:00 pm Nigerian and Niger time, and the channel is free for viewers. Additionally, UK Entertainment’s YouTube channel and Gaskiya TV Plus will feature the “Fatake” series and other captivating films produced by the company.

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