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July 14, 2024

9 Years Acting Role: Members call for election amidst Kano civil society leadership dispute

Members of the Kano State Civil Society Forum, a collective of passionate and dedicated individuals committed to advancing the interests of the community, calling for a much-needed renewal of leadership through the conduct of fresh elections.

This call was made on Wednesday in an anonymous interview with a Kano Times reporter.

The activist collective said, “With nearly a decade under the current leadership of Comrade Ibrahim Wayya, we believe it is essential to uphold the core principles of inclusivity, transparency, and accountability that are at the heart of civil society.”

They added, “In a society that cherishes the values of democracy, it is imperative that leadership positions within civil society organizations remain open to new ideas, diverse perspectives, and the active participation of all members.”

The Anonymous members firmly assert that leadership should not be perceived as a monarchy, but rather as a dynamic and evolving entity that constantly adapts to the changing needs and aspirations of the community it serves.

“Over the past nine years, the Kano Civil Society Forum has made significant strides in various spheres of community development, advocating for social justice. It is now time to reinvigorate our efforts by ushering in fresh leadership that will inject new energy, innovative thinking, and a renewed commitment to the cause.”

The group also emphasized, “A fresh election will not only breathe new life into the Kano Civil Society Forum but will also demonstrate unwavering dedication to the principles of fairness and democratic governance. It will reaffirm the belief that the collective wisdom of the membership propels us forward, rather than any individual or singular line of thought.”

The group also called on the relevant stakeholders to join in advocating for a fair and transparent election of new leadership for the forum.

“We call upon all its members, stakeholders, and supporters to join us in advocating for a fair and transparent electoral process. We urge the current leadership to embrace this call for change, recognizing that the success and longevity of any civil society organization lie in its ability to embrace diversity, foster dialogue, and uphold the principles of democracy.”

Responding to Kano Times, Comrade Ibrahim Wayya said any registered members of the KCSF have every right to call for an election, only that every exercise has a process.

“The process for the conduct of the election, which is revalidation of the membership of the Forum, commenced in August 2022 through the instrumentality of an officially established six-men committee, set up under the guidance of the BOT.”

“We are determined to conduct elections. What we shall not attend or entertain is noise-making promoted by some anti-Kano Civil Society Forum individuals who are envious of the progress and growth the Forum has made, and are bent on destroying the Forum because they could not grow some of the Networks they managed for years. Some of the people making noise in the name of activism do not even have operational offices,” Wayya said.

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Mustapha Salisu

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