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February 29, 2024

CEO of Tubless Media Concept Commemorates World Photography Day, Congratulate Hannatu Musawa’s Appointment as Minister of Art, Culture & Creative Industry

Renowned creative visionary Nasir Rabiu, famously known as Tubless, was among a gathering of artistic talents who came together to celebrate the annual World Photography Day, observed every August 19.

In an exclusive conversation with journalist Tubless, who himself is an accomplished photographer, he eloquently defined photography as ‘a powerful medium for capturing and immortalizing stories, concepts, places, experiences, and fleeting moments.’

Tubless highlighted the transformative journey of photography, which has evolved from a mere hobby or passion into a livelihood strategy for many, providing sustenance and financial independence.

Expressing concern over the escalating cost of photography equipment, Tubless underscored the challenges presented by the prevailing economic difficulties in the country.

He also celebrated the remarkable progress achieved by photographers in Kano, noting that they have outshone their counterparts in numerous states across the nation.

Tubless and Colleagues in the Profession

Tubless took the opportunity to extend his heartfelt congratulations to Hannatu Musawa on her well-deserved appointment as the new Minister of Art, Culture, and Creative Industry.

The CEO of Tubless Photography applauded her ascendancy and unwavering commitment, eagerly anticipating her positive influence in advancing the vibrant realms of art, culture, and creativity, particularly in the northern region of the country.

He articulated, ‘Her vision and passion are poised to propel the industry to unprecedented heights, and we eagerly await the substantial contributions she will offer to the northern landscape.’

Turning his focus to the state of the professional photography association in Kano, Tubless expressed disappointment in the lack of cohesion among its members.

Originally established with the noble aim of ‘achieving photography excellence through regular interactions that foster encouragement and constructive critique,’ the association’s potential remains largely untapped due to internal discord.

Tubless paid homage to the unwavering backing and sagacious counsel of Professor Adamu Abubakar Gwarzo, acknowledging the invaluable lessons he imparted.

Tubless and Adamu Abubakar Gwarzo

He shared the wisdom instilled by Professor Gwarzo that contentment is key for human satisfaction: ‘One who harbors envy for all will ultimately lose everything.’

The CEO extended his deep appreciation to his fellow colleagues, affectionately referring to them as ‘Brothers.’ He described them as pillars of support in his professional journey, mentioning names like Abdulwahab Sa’is Ahmad (Blue Lens Photography), Sani Mailatanga, Mustapha Sani Zango (MustyGraphy), Balancy Photography, and Hamdala Photography.

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