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September 22, 2023

Congo Brazzaville government denies coup attempt

The Congo Brazzaville Government has debunked claims that the military sacked the current civilian government led by President Denis Sassou Nguesso.

This is coming after several unconfirmed reports claimed that the military was trying to oust the government and seize power.

While the reports said the identities of the coup plotters were unknown, they suggested that the commander of the presidential guard had a role to play in the attempted takeover

Thierry Moungalla, The country’s Minister of Information, in a post on his X page on Sunday allayed the fears of citizens, described the claims as “fake news”.

“URGENT – Fanciful information suggests serious events that may be underway in #Brazzaville. The Government denies this fake news.

“We reassure public opinion about the calm that reigns and invite people to calmly go about their activities.”

The development comes amid growing concerns about a regressing democracy in Africa, where the military has been staging coups in recent times.

Denis Nguesso is a former military officer who has been president since 1997.

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