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June 25, 2024

Don’t go to war with Niger Republic, Arewa Group cautions ECOWAS

The Arewa Broadcast Media Practitioners Forum (ABMPF) has expressed concern over the potential consequences of military intervention in the Republic of Niger by the West African Regional bloc, ECOWAS.

Spearheaded by Nigerian President Bola Ahmad Tinubu, ECOWAS aims to oust the military junta that overthrew President Mohamed Bazoum’s civilian administration.

This was contained in statement issued to newsmen by the Chairman of ABMPF, Alhaji Abdullahi Yelwa Ajiyan Yauri.

ABMPF argues that hasty military intervention is ill-advised and could escalate tensions, destabilizing the region and Northern Nigeria, already grappling with terrorist activities.

The forum emphasizes that the defense of democracy in Niger should primarily be the responsibility of its citizens, with neighboring countries like Nigeria offering support to its democratic institutions rather than worsening the situation.

“The consequences of a military action could spill over into Northern Nigerian states, exacerbating the humanitarian crisis”

“The coup in Niger has rallied support for anti-neocolonial struggle across Francophone West Africa, making the reality of reversing the coup difficult for ECOWAS nations to accept”

“President Tinubu’s role as ECOWAS leader has led some to perceive him as a Western pawn, serving the interests of France and America, though Nigeria’s historic role in ending colonialism counters this perception” the Group disclosed.

ABMPF commends the Nigerian Senate and other cautious voices but calls on all Nigerians to unite against ECOWAS’ potential misguided military intervention.

The forum points out the historical, cultural, economic, and religious ties between Republic of Niger and Northern Nigeria, emphasizing their intertwined relationship.

ABMPF calls on the Tinubu Administration to pursue diplomatic solutions rather than war, restore diplomatic ties, open borders, restore power supply, and engage in mediation, negotiation, and compromise to benefit the people of both nations.

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Mustapha Salisu

Mustapha Salisu is a graduate of BSc. Information and Media Studies from Bayero University Kano, with experience in Communication Skills as well as Public Relations.

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