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Film Review: Lulu Da Andalu (The Black Adventure)

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Sameen Y Said (Dr SYS)

Kannywood Industry is undoubtedly moving fast-growing, specifically–these days of series movies and web streaming. As a forging way to recuperate from their recession of creative market, for almost half to a decade. Thus, discovery of such web streaming (YouTube) serves as innovative solutions and (to) film marketing promotions that meant a lots. Gradually, the industry, is getting to deviate the oldest challenges (still relevant) of having less stories and with little or no impact as far as film making is concerned. Compare to her counterpart–Nollywood.

Lulu da Andalu, it is semi-fiction sub-genre, an adventure season film, and likely to be one of the foremost in history of Kannywood Film Industry. It may be an advancement of Laila Majnun. The storyline, in the first instance, was contrived on one of the most affluent king in the history of Africa, Mansa Musa of Mali who reigned over The Republic of Mali around 1312-1337. The affluent Mansa, has heavy wealths and abundance gold treasures and he was very generous to the extent that few of people in the history, has ever been like him.

Again, Lulu da Andalu (The Black Adventure) is a very intriguing and thrived story. Might be epic adventure in the whole Kannywood’s history, more especially, in terms of their efforts of featuring newly artists and few stars, as against the tradition of Kannywood; where most of the lead characters are very popular artists and superstars. It’s produced by Blue Sound Multimedia; owned by TY Shaba, also appeared as ‘Dogara’ (a stunts, an antigonist character against lead characters; Lulu and Andalu) and Directed by Kamilu Ibrahim Dan Hausa. Also, assisted by Mujahid M. Soja.

However, the storyline, aimed at unfolding or discovering where such abundance gold treasures has been hided for over six hundreds years (600years); it is, indeed, greatest adventure searching for that lost treasures through resurrection of the demons of Lulu and his ties Andalu (as similar to Laila Majnun, the two lovers story).

The series, featured TY Shaba as Dogara, Shehu Hassan Kano as Alhaji Liti Basko, a father of one of the lead character, Sauban (Abdullahi Amdaz, also Lulu’s spirit), Umar Faruq as Alhaji Salisu Goro, a father of another lead character, Jidda (Radiya Jibrin, also Andalu’s spirit) and also nemesis of Liti Basko. surprisingly, it casted over much numbers of extras at special appearances.

On the other hand, Ikram (Fatima Umar, an investigative journalist, working at her mother’s (Maryam CTV, as Hajia Balaraba) Radio station, she also crushing Sauban (Abdullahi Amdaz) a song of tyrant and most troublesome person (Shehu Hassan Kano). While popular comedians Ya’u and Audi( Saifulallahi and Toufeeq Ibrahim Khaleel, as Mashkur and Ramadan) are promising YouTube bloggers. Nevertheless, been a series, recently started releasing, it would be hard (est) to make a final conclusion that might either underrate or overemphasize it. So, by this fairly review so far, it has the following remarks:

Firstly, big effort went to the scriptwriters whose also served as Producer and Director; TY Shaba and Kamilu Ibrahim Dan Hausa, for their remarkable efforts to contrived over such extraordinary story. Secondly, the English subtitles, is averagely good (though have some slip-ups) as it surpassed some Kannywood’s subtitles work. Thirdly, the sound, visual effects, costumes as well as continuity are remarkably good to some extent.

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