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July 17, 2024

Gidan Yanci Fellows Demand Action Against Rising Thuggery In Kano

By Mustapha Salisu

The Gidan Yanci Fellows have raised alarms over the recent increase in thuggery, locally known as ‘fadan daba,’ in the Kano area, calling for urgent and decisive action to address the issue.

PRIME TIME NEWS reports that In a statement released today, the Fellows expressed deep concern about the resurgence of violent activities, which they say threatens the peace and stability of the community.

They stressed that the upsurge in thuggery undermines societal fabric, instills fear among residents, and endangers innocent lives.

“Thuggery disrupts public order and tarnishes the reputation of our beloved city of Kano,” the statement read. The Gidan Yanci Fellows condemned all forms of thuggery and criminal behavior, urging authorities to intensify security measures to swiftly apprehend those responsible for these violent acts. They emphasized the need for justice and the rule of law to prevail.

The statement also addressed the youth of Kano, urging them to reject manipulation into violence and instead focus on constructive endeavors that contribute positively to society. The Fellows highlighted the crucial role of youth in fostering a peaceful and prosperous Kano State.

Additionally, the Gidan Yanci Fellows appealed to community leaders, religious figures, and stakeholders to promote dialogue, understanding, and tolerance among the youth. They believe that fostering a culture of peace and mutual respect is essential in combating the scourge of thuggery.

The Fellows reaffirmed their commitment to promoting peace, unity, and development in Kano. They expressed solidarity with law enforcement agencies and authorities in their efforts to eradicate thuggery and ensure the safety and security of all residents.

“Together, let us work towards a future where Kano remains a beacon of harmony and progress for generations to come,” the statement concluded.

The Gidan Yanci Fellows’ call to action underscores their dedication to addressing the security challenges facing Kano and preserving the community’s values.

Credit: Independent Mirror

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Mustapha Salisu

Mustapha Salisu is a graduate of BSc. Information and Media Studies from Bayero University Kano, with experience in Communication Skills as well as Public Relations.

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