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June 21, 2024

Governor Mutfwang assures on transforming Plateau state university to centre of medical excellence

BY Tongnaan Bawa, Jos

Plateau State Governor, Caleb Mutfwang has reaffirmed his administration’s dedication to transform the Plateau State University into a prominent hub for producing skilled medical professionals.

Governor Mutfwang made the assurance During a visit by the State Coordinator of the World Health Organization (WHO), Musa Mahdi, and other Development Partners to Government House Rayfield, Jos, the State capital, on Monday.

He expressed expressed gratitude for WHO’s support in tackling diseases within the state.

Mutfwang emphasized the importance of a healthy populace, stating that a thriving society depends on a robust healthcare sector
with a view to addressing pressing health issues in the state.

The Governor highlighted the need to bolster Plateau State University’s role in training medical personnel and acknowledged the contribution of qualified individuals from various institutions.

“We know that health is the reason why we are here this morning. Without a healthy population, you will not have a healthy workforce, you will not have a healthy economy, you will not have a healthy security and everything completely breaks down,” he said.

“That means we must do everything we can to fix this sector and I’m glad that this administration has brought on board a number of very competent, dedicated people of Plateau State to be able to man the various institutions in the health sector. It means therefore that despite all the doctors we have produced from the many universities and especially the University of Jos, it means that even Plateau State University, we have to find a way to empower it to become a production center for medical personnel.”

He pledged to enhance healthcare indicators, particularly infant mortality rates, through concerted efforts in the state.

Musa Mahdi, the State Coordinator of WHO, commended Governor Mutfwang’s alignment with global healthcare standards and appealed for increased recruitment of healthcare professionals, establishment of a Health Workforce Registry, and funding for health-related initiatives.

Meanwhile Governor Mutfwang also met with the Plateau Youth Council (PYC), led by the Deputy Chairman Nizhi Emmanuel Jukun.

He encouraged youth involvement in governance and assured continued mentorship for young leaders and entrepreneurs.

The Governor promised that more than 40 percentage of youths will constitute the local government transition committees that will soon be put in place by the state government.

” I want to thank you for appreciating the little efforts we have made in bringing the youth into governance and I want to say that this is a continuous process.”

Comrade Nizhi Emmanuel Jukun, Deputy Chairman of PYC, expressed appreciation for the governor’s support, acknowledged his role as patron of the association, and pledged Plateau youths’ unwavering commitment to the state’s progress.

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