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December 5, 2023

Kano Special Constabulary not police officers by recognised by law – PSC

The Police Service Commission (PSC) has addressed concerns surrounding the operations of the Special Constabulary in Kano State, particularly in light of a recent case involving the recruitment of a repentant criminal into the organization. The Commission has clarified the nature of the Special Constabulary and its legal recognition.

In a statement by Ikechukwu Ani  Head of Press and Public Relations, the PSC emphasized that the Special Constabulary members are not police officers and are not officially recognized as such by the Commission and the government. However, their operations are fully covered and recognized by the Police Act, making them an essential component of the ongoing efforts to combat criminal activities nationwide.

The Commission has been in contact with the Kano State Police Command and is well aware that the Special Constabulary’s primary role is to support the police in establishing a crime-free environment in Kano State. These constables are strategically posted in their localities to better identify and address the criminal elements causing unrest in their areas.

Moreover, it was noted that some of the Special Constabulary members are repentant influential youths who were previously engaged as political thugs. Realizing that crime does not lead to positive outcomes, they have voluntarily offered their assistance in achieving a crime-free state.

The Kano Special Constabulary has undergone comprehensive training and operates within their respective local government areas as stipulated by law, all while being closely supervised by the State Police Command. Their engagement is geared towards enhancing visibility, fostering sustainable peace, and promoting economic growth and development in Kano State.

Dr. Solomon Arase, Chairman of the Commission and former Inspector General of Police, reiterated the Commission’s commitment to collaborating with the police to enhance the security of lives and property in Nigeria. He emphasized that security is not solely the responsibility of the government but is a shared obligation for all Nigerians, calling for a citizen-based approach to security.

To prevent identity confusion and define specific roles within the nation’s security framework, Dr. Arase disclosed that the Commission, in consultation with the Inspector General of Police, will work to clearly differentiate the uniforms of the Constabularies from those of the Nigeria Police Force.

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Mustapha Salisu

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