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July 16, 2024

Octavus denies supplying contaminated fuel to Max Air, vows to uphold Aviation Safety, integrity

Octavus, a prominent aviation fuel supplier, has denied allegations of supplying contaminated aviation fuel to Max Air, a Nigerian airline.

In a press release issued on July 18, 2023, and signed by Peter Dia, the company’s general manager, Octavus firmly refuted the claims, emphasizing its commitment to product integrity and reputation.

The press release highlighted Octavus’ adherence to international standards and industry best practices in fuel supply and distribution.

The company asserted that it exclusively sources its products from trusted partners such as the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) and British Petroleum (BP). Octavus also emphasized its dedication to ensuring the safe and timely delivery of high-quality aviation fuels.

In response to recent incidents involving Max Air’s aircraft, Octavus clarified that there was no evidence linking the fuel supplied by their company to the reported occurrences.

The press release mentioned that Octavus had successfully fueled approximately 90% of Max Air’s Hajj flights in the past without any issues.

Octavus emphasized its extensive experience in handling a high volume of flights daily, with no reported complaints about the quality of their products.

The company was nominated five times by the Airlines Operators of Nigeria (AON) to handle the NNPC Intervention cargoes during a fuel crisis last year, demonstrating the trust placed in their brand.

Acknowledging the complexity of aviation operations, Octavus highlighted the importance of conducting a comprehensive investigation to determine the root cause of the incidents.

The company expressed its full cooperation with the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) and other relevant authorities in conducting a thorough inquiry.

Octavus reiterated its commitment to the safety and quality of the aviation industry, ensuring that all their fuel products meet the highest standards. As a responsible corporate entity, the company vowed to leave no stone unturned in ascertaining the truth behind the allegations. Octavus pledged to work closely with regulatory bodies to uphold safety and integrity in the aviation sector.

The press release concluded by reiterating Octavus’ dedication to its valued clients and the public, assuring them of their continued commitment to transparency and cooperation in resolving the matter.

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