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June 21, 2024

Centre Requests CITAD, ACTION AID NG’s Support for ICT Development

PESEPA Community Champions have reached out to the Centre for Information Technology and Development (CITAD) and ACTION AID NG to collaborate on their ICT development and sustainability initiatives within the Bwari Area Council and the wider Federal Capital Territory (FCT).

In a letter addressed to CITAD and ACTION AID NG, PESEPA’s Chairman, Alh. M.G Paspa, revealed that the community’s leadership has deliberated and proposed the transformation of their ICT center into a ‘Computer Training Centre’.

According to Paspa, the envisioned center aims to provide affordable computer training to local youths and school dropouts.

He further revealed that the training program is structured into two categories:

“’Category A’ offers a 3-month training for indigenes at N5,000 and a 6-month training at N10,000”

“’Category B’ caters to non-indigenes, with a 3-month training costing N15,000 and a 6-month training priced at N25,00

Paspa noted that the registration for the training will run from mid-June to the end of July 2023, with the training sessions commencing in August 2023.

Highlighting the success of their efforts, Paspa mentioned that over 175 pupils from L.E.A Primary School, Zhiko, have already registered through the ‘Online Pupils Portal’, under the guidance of the Community ICT Facilitator.

In addition to the training initiative, the Chairman shared that the center has provided access to its library to approximately 150 readers (pupils).

As PESEPA continues its efforts towards development and sustainability, Alh. M.G Paspa expressed gratitude for the collaboration with CITAD and ACTION AID NG, while eagerly anticipating their support.

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