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June 25, 2024

Justice Dije sworn in as pioneer female chief judge of Kano State

Kano State Governor, Abba Kabir Yusuf presided over the swearing-in ceremony of Justice Dije Abdu Aboki.

She now holds the position of the first female Chief Judge of Kano State. 

The appointment aligns with the guidelines outlined in Section 271 of the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

The recommendation from the Nigeria Judicial Council (NJC) was confirmed by the State House of Assembly. 

The inauguration took place at the Africa House, Government House on Monday.

Addressing the audience following the swearing-in ceremony, Governor Yusuf highlighted that the appointment of the new Chief Judge was made due to her established history of effectively delivering justice. 

He emphasized, “Throughout your career, you have consistently demonstrated your commitment to upholding justice and fairness as a dedicated judicial professional.

“Allow me to reiterate that your new position carries a significant weight of responsibilities upon your shoulders. These responsibilities are an ‘amana’ (trust/pact) that exists between you and the esteemed people of Kano State, and most importantly, between you and Allah Subhanahu Watala.”

The governor urged her to uphold the entrusted trust and initiate the process of reforming the state Judiciary.

This, he stated, would enable citizens to address concerns such as perceived miscarriages of justice, cases that are seen as unjustly handled or misjudged, alleged instances of judicial corruption, and cases suspected of being influenced by factors such as money, power, and personal favors, among others.

During her speech, the newly appointed Chief Judge, Honorable Justice (Mrs.) Dije Abdu Aboki, expressed her gratitude to the state Governor for nominating her and to the NJC for their recommendation, which was ultimately confirmed by the Kano State House of Assembly.

She pledged to exert herself diligently to prove worthy of the trust placed in her.


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